March 6, 2023

Lorelei d’Andriole (she/her/hers) is an artist, educator and writer whose work is at the intersections of intermedia and transgender studies. Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, d’Andriole toured across the country in punk bands and played hundreds of shows in venues ranging from house shows to amphitheaters. d’Andriole earned her BFA in New Media from the University of Central Oklahoma (Magna Cum Laude) in 2018 and immediately went on to earn her MA and MFA with honors from the University of Iowa’s Intermedia program. She has shown work nationally at universities, galleries, festivals and DIY spaces including sUgAR Gallery (Arkansas), University of Nevada – Las Vegas, and Public Space One’s Open Air Media Festival (Iowa). As a production director for KRUI 89.7 FM, d’Andriole hosted an experimental radio art program where she did weekly broadcasts for three years. d’Andriole recently completed a visual arts fellowship at the Leslie Lohman Museum of Art in New York City, NY and currently works as an Assistant Professor in Electronic Art and Intermedia at Michigan State University. d’Andriole also plays drums in the indie band LVRS and is part of the artist duos HOLO (with artist Kelly Clare) and Wetware Instruments (with artist Abhishek Narula). d’Andriole is currently serving as a committee member for the International Alliance for Women in Music where she advocates for queer and trans* composers and musicians. She has completed artist residencies at Public Space One in Iowa City IA, A.P.E. in East Hampton MA, Wave Farm in Acra NY, and the Insitute for Electronic Art at Alfred University in Alfred NY.
Feburary 2023

My goal with this residency was to learn new tools for creation that I could then share with my students. I achieved that goal, working with faculty and graduate students to develop skills in software such as Blender, TouchDesigner, and GRMTools as well as hardware such as the Sandin Image Processor and the Eurorack System.

I was also able to spend time honing my research and performance work by giving a public talk on Trans Embodiment and Intermedia Art and performing my work, “The Instrument is a Body and My Instrument is a Brick” for the Open Screening group, facilitated by Professors James Hansen and Eric Souther.

Lastly, I reperformed and documented some former works using the sophisticated camera and audio equipment available such as my work, Cathedral/Canal. This process led to a new video/performance work titled, “The Halo is a Symbol of Our Death.” This piece incorporates AI-generated images created from interpreting the text of performance art scores I had written for my project “Nightmares and Dreams on Progesterone: Action Art Scores for Trans Becoming.” The resulting animation served as keying information for two cameras, each capturing video footage of me self-administering estrogen via injection. The juxtaposition of electronic noise and distorted imagery challenges viewers’ access to the video’s contents, reflecting and engaging with ongoing contemporary discussions on queer visibility.  – Lorelei

The Body is an Instrument and My Instrument is a Brick, Work Sample.

Injection Study: The Halo is a Sign of Our Death, Work Sample.