August 29, 2022

Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli is an artist-filmmaker who seeks to unravel established systems of seeing and constructing narratives through moving images. She is interested in building tension through contrasts of performance and the gaze, movement and stillness, as well as fragmentation of time through repetition. Her work endeavors to destabilize habitual patterns of perception and power paradigms to re-imagine our sense of the world. he has shown work internationally in screenings and galleries and holds a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts from the University of California San Diego, and a Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies from the University at Buffalo. She also works as a producer/director creating short documentaries on creative practice and art, as well as inclusive digital experiences in museums that spark new ways of seeing.

I came to IEA to work on a project imagined as an experimental documentary tentatively titled “Atomic Distance”, and to use the residency to work with existing archival and recently captured footage along with newly scanned and imaged objects from my family’s archive. My intent was to work with images and representations of objects to break down images and the past as it is imagined to create visual gestures that point beyond the frame, and beyond our comprehension. I am certain that the work I did during this residency had a profound effect on my practice and the way in which I envision working going forward. I had not expected to find such a deep affinity with the tools of video image processing in that it would push beyond a simple gesture to reconsidering my methods of working. I am very excited to see how the time spent at IEA continues to affect my practice in the coming years. – Anna

Atomic Distance, Work Sample I.

Atomic Distance, Work Sample II.

Anna working in the IEA Media Room.