Nazanin Noroozi is a multi-media artist incorporating moving images, printmaking and alternative photography processes to reflect on notions of collective memory, displacement and fragility. Noroozi’s work has been widely exhibited in both Iran and the United States, including the Immigrant Artist Biennial, Noyes Museum of Art, NY Live Arts, Prizm Art Fair, and Columbia University. She is the recipient of awards and fellowships from Artistic Freedom Initiative, Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, NYFA IAP 2018, Mass MoCA Residency, North Adams, MA and Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts Residency, NY. She is an editor at large of Kaarnamaa, a Journal of Art History and Criticism. Noroozi completed her MFA in painting and drawing from Pratt Institute. Her works have been featured in various publications and media including BBC News Persian, Elephant Magazine, Financial Times, and Brooklyn Rail.

Nazanin planned on experimenting with photo etchings and large format photographs as part of an upcoming video-installation featuring “the Riptide” her most recent handmade film. The Riptide is a short stop motion film using personal archives and found footage to address ideas of loss, longing and fragility.

The imagery for the photo etchings and large format photographs were taken from The Riptide, focusing on scenes of glacier melts, kids reading books, and images from Asteroids published by NASA. With the photo-etchings Nazanin experimented with adding various layers using polyester plate lithography techniques. She was interested in translating expressive mark-making, brush strokes and gestures into a printmaking technique.

The first vertical large format photograph shows a detailed image of a glacier melt, and the second one has repeated pictures of an asteroid published by NASA. Both images are fairly pixelated and blurry, emphasizing on the fact that these were screenshots, and found images. The photographs are to be pinned on a wall, acting like a sectional wallpaper. The etchings/works on paper will be framed in a white minimalist frame and will be hung on top of the large photographs creating a multi- dimensional installation. This installation aims to engage the viewers with the space and constant back and forth between transient moments of film, tactility of fine prints and fragility and materiality of paper.