“My project to process various images, still and moving, public + private, self authorized + appropriated, into rich, strange footage to be used for larger nonlinear narrative videos about trans/queer aesthetics imaginings, and to process/blend family sewing footage with these videos.” – Charlie Best

Processing in video, self-creation, and sewing merge, Charlie created a large bank of footage from which they can piece together to make a grander piece: hoping to use these videos as inputs in 3D models from Blender, as backgrounds, or scenes in performative works, and as stand alone works. At the end Charlie generated a series of “digital weaving” made from looped picture reels and composed in Ableton. During their residence Charlie learned to livestream, and audio-process SNES video games + PC game music.

Charlie Best is an artist, teacher, and seamstrix. Their multidisciplinary practice has yielded experimental digital and analog media, performance, fiberwork, and works on paper. This practice is devoted to the visual and material culture of queer/trans lineage and life. Currently, he studies kids’ PC games, found footage, and garment construction. Charlie is a white trans/nonbinary settler, born and educated on the lands of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy of Nations, specifically the Onöndowa’ga:’, or Seneca Nation. (Buffalo, NY, Western New York, and the Southern Tier.)