The IEA welcomed VA AIR Nancy Blum throughout February 8-20, 2021. Nancy Blum was invited by the IEA to produce multiple print editions that would be split between the institute and herself.

An outgrowth from her former residency here, Blum explored print and digital applications of her drawing practice.

“While in residence, I was able to produce two multi-colored screen prints both of a sizable nature. The editions were to be split between myself and the IEA and they began by me individually applying a yellow gold color to the background on [sheets of Coventry Rag] that gave each piece a slightly different atmosphere behind the illustrative botanical imagery. The flowers represented were taken from original (and singular) drawings I had completed within the past couple of years. Using digital processes, those images were simplified and created with color separations through photoshop. The final pieces have a significantly different quality than the drawings but stay true to line quality which is a defining marker of my artwork. The pieces become more pop inspired and lose some of the connection to the illustrative – they have a boldness and a simplicity and airiness that is quite striking and something that I will continue to assess as I get the chance to live with the work.” – Nancy Blum

Red Bloom
Hanging Flowers

“… in the 8-block woodcut, I derived an image from my drawing practice based on works on black paper that I have been developing over the past five years. Using print technology meant simplifying the way I draw and blend color and in this way, the work becomes increasingly stylized. As well, I lifted this imagery from a black background as we printed the blocks on a beautiful Chinese [Xuan paper, Star 3ply and Cloud Dragon,] and the image floats on the paper in a way that is entirely different from the works original context – again providing an airiness and spaciousness to my usually very dense drawings. It has been quite remarkable to see this work and it is influencing how i approach my practice. Finally, both the screen prints and the woodcut  were complicated projects involving multiple layers of printing. This has enabled me to think about using print in a more dynamic way than I have in the past and has really seduced me into wanting to spend more time with the medium and fully develop a voice using printmaking.” – Nancy Blum


Brooklyn-based artist Nancy Blum is well known for her public art commissions. For New York City’s MTA Arts in Transit program she recently created a suite of large-scale botanically themed mosaics. Located at the historic 28th St. Station, they celebrate flowering plants that can be found in the nearby Madison Square Park Conservancy’s Perennial Collection. For the San Francisco General Hospital, she completed an installation of monumental glass windows that feature her robust botanical imagery. Previous projects include 50 hatch covers designed for the streets of Seattle and a sculptural installation for the city’s airport; a 40‐foot freestanding sculpture in Philadelphia; and artwork and architectural components for three light-rail stations in Minneapolis/St. Paul

Blum squeegeeing a base layer – I
Blum squeegeeing a base layer – II
Blum squeegeeing a base layer – III
Blum overlooking prints.
“Red Bloom”
Blum sorting prints.
Director Joseph Scheer with AiR Nancy Blum
Blum with “Clouds” prints.
Graduate Research Assistant Yunda Sun with AiR Nancy Blum