Kaleb Hunkele is an artist working in printmaking and experimental animation/film. Pattern, simple lines, text, color and modest materials are central to his practice.

“My work is clunky, nuanced, and irregular —all things we believe that machined products should not be. In working across and between film and print media, I embrace mechanization as much as I call it into question. I bring my hand to the machine and refuse editing and editioning standards that eliminate the indexical and reflexive qualities in what I make.  I want, as much as possible, to reveal the process of making the work so as to expand, or redefine notions of perfection that hinge on precision, efficiency, and regularity insist upon in machined production.”


Kaleb welcomed to the IEA.
Kaleb assembling his film.
Kaleb working.
Kaleb viewing his film.
Kaleb viewing his film.
Kaleb’s film equipment. – I
Kaleb’s film equipment. – II
Kaleb’s film equipment. – III