NYSCA Participation

The IEA’s longstanding achievements have put the IEA in the elite tier of NYSCA supported programs. The IEA is funded under the workspace category for its studio (studio-research) residency programs. This year the IEA was part of a special event for recipients of multiyear awards. The multiyear award was presented by Mara Manus, Executive Director NYSCA at the Albright-Knox Northland, Buffalo, NY, on March 5, 2020. IEA Co-founder and Co-director(1997-2020) Peer Bode was on hand for the event which celebrated the IEA’s 2020-2021 Electronic Media and Film grant. Peer has written/co-written the EMF grants since the founding of the IEA.<

The IEA continues to represent its activities within the New York State Media Arts community. Rebekkah Palov is always excited to be part of these events and the professional friendships that come out of them. The IEA is thankful to Galen Joseph-Hunter and WaveFarm for NYSCA regrant travel-support to NYC for the NYSCA Art & Technology Breakfast networking events.