The IEA was happy to share part of our summer with Marco Scozzaro during his July 15-19 Electronic Media and Film Residency. Marco recorded HD performance footage with our Canon XF705 that engaged with what Marco characterized as the Brutalist architecture of Harder Hall. Marco made great recordings with the original Jones Frame Buffer c.1987. The Expanded Media, Jones Frame Buffer is an early digital processor. Marco used hardware only black and white frame buffer. The B&W frame buffer combines the statement tonal range of black and white camera signals with limited resolution of this early digital processing. Lastly Marco quickly mastered a number of the capabilities of another Expanded Media mid 1980’s video processor, the Fairlight CVI. The three different contents, HD camera footage, B&W digital processed video and early color digital processed footage were then assembled for a WIP three-channel video that Marco tested out on the Expanded Media, Immersive Gallery. Besides this project Marco also recorded a performance for multi-camera (five), multiple image processors (Jones MVIP + Fairlight CVI), multiple performers (4-5) and live mix (Marco Scorozzo). The performers included Vivian Wang, Niki Tulk, Samantha Sloan, Rebekah Palov and Marco. The performance resulted in over 70 minutes of footage, the mixer recordings were displayed across the six screens one the TSI/Snodgrass media Gallery, and was much enjoyed during its summer run on the TSI/ Snodgrass.

Marco Scozzaro is a NYC-based interdisciplinary artist, working in photography, video, music, and installation. He studied psychology at the University of Parma, Italy, and photography at SVA, NY. He has had solo shows at Baxter St, NY, Galleria Civica di Modena, Italy, Galerie Villa des Tourelles, Paris, and group shows at Aperture Foundation, NY, Lishui Art Museum, China, Unseen Amsterdam, and Mala Stanica National Gallery of Macedonia, Skopje. He is the recipient of a Workspace Residency from the Camera Club of New York, a PhotoGlobal residency, a BRIC Media Art Fellowship, and an AIM fellowship from the Bronx Museum of the Arts, NY.

Marco Scozzaro with three-channel WIP in the Expanded Media Immersive Gallery

Marco Scozzaro live mix, in the IEA studio with controllers for the ATEM Video Mixer, Jones MVIP and Fairlight CVI

Marco Scozzaro directing performers, (left to right) Vivian Wang, Niki Tulk and Samantha Sloan

Marco Scozzaro with the Expanded Media Sandin IP

Marco Scozzaro in the IEA studio with Fairlight CVI controller

Marco Scozzaro with three-channel WIP in the Expanded Media Immersive Gallery