The IEA welcomed Dave Jones back for a two-week print residency November 5 – 15. Dave designed and built much of the legacy and specialized video equipment for Expanded Media’s historically significant Video Arts program. Video Arts at Alfred was founded by Harland Snodgrass with 1972 marking the start of video-art classes at Alfred. Dave helped build the Alfred Sandin IP, designed (with support from Video Arts Professor Peer Bode) and built the Jones FB1 frame buffer and Jones video output AMP and the new Jones Core plus Digital Oscillators that are currently available in the IEA studio for our Electronic Media / Film artists in residence and Electronic Integrated Arts MFAs.

During his residency, Dave made editioned prints of high-resolution scans of his design, development, and digital-drawings that he created in the 1980s. These included drawings made with his original design, “fine-print” software, and drawings made with an early 1980s HP (felt-tip) pen plotter that Dave wrote original software to produce the visual 3D effects. Another print-series featured Dave’s original hand-drawn circuit boards on graph paper and assembly diagrams on vellum. Also, a series of prints came from Dave’s catalog of 3D photos. The printed images included stereograph photos from his trip to Japan and others that he shot in the 1990s.

Dave Jones is the head of Dave Jones Design, a small company that builds audio and video devices for musicians, video artists, museums, and others involved in the media arts. They specialize in making unique products that are primarily visually oriented and are used in art installations, performances, and both music and video studios around the world. Dave Jones has been designing and building this type of equipment since the early 1970s, individually, as part of the Experimental Television Center, and under the company names Designlab and Dave Jones Design.