The first week in October, the IEA welcomed EIA MFA alumnus Eric Souther. As part of his in-production documentary, Video Instruments: Artist & Toolmakers Past and Present, Souther interviewed School of Art and Design Video Arts Professor, Peer Bode. He then processed this footage through the Dave Jones Design, FB-1 Frame Buffer, which Peer Bode provided support and design recommendations to David Jones who developed and produced the FB-1. Also as part of that same project Eric processed his recent interview with Dan Sandin through the IEA Sandin IP, playing back the interview video with live camera mix. Souther also invited Hank Rudolph of the Experimental Television Center and Signal Culture to join him for a day. The IEA was thrilled to spend time with Hank and look forward to welcoming him back in the near future.

Souther was also very excited to work with the new IEA Dave Jones Digital Oscillators and Core, Eric brought in each of the three oscillators as separate inputs into our mac workstation, which he then used as maps/source in his custom software made in the Touch-designer visual programming language. Souther recorded this output in 4k, the IEA is happy at this exciting work and will be developing ways to improve HD/4k recording flexibility in our system for 2019. Also Eric did a live performance remix of the audio for his Search Engine Vision The White House 2000-2018 with our GRM audio processors. On his final day at the IEA, Aodi Liang and Jiayi Wang worked with Souther on a number of Digital prints including large-format Dye Sublimation prints, and Paik Raster Manipulation Unit or Wobbulator inspired screen-grabs of mushroom identification images which he printed on Xuan bamboo paper.

Eric Souther is a video and new media artist whom draws from a multiplicity of disciplines, including anthropology, linguistics, religion and critical theory. These investigations coalesce into works where ritual, materials, and technological assemblages form emergent systems. His work takes many pathways, which includes single channel video, interactive installation, projection mapping, and audiovisual performance. Souther’s work has been featured nationally and internationally at venues such as the  Museum of Art and Design, NYC, Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, NY and the Museum of Art, Zhangzhou, China. His work has been screened in The Athens Digital Arts Festival, Athens, Greece, Cronosfera Festival, Alessandria, Italy, the Galerija 12 New Media Hub, Belgrade, Serbia, and the Simultan Festival, Timisoara, Romania. He is currently an Associate Professor of New Media at Indiana University South Bend.