The 2018 International Randall Chair, Alicia Candiani is an Argentine visual artist who works in expanded print/digital media and architectural interventions. She is the founder and director of Proyecto’ace,an artist in residence international program focused on expanded printmaking practices and its interfaces with photography, design and digital media, which is located in her home city, and the president of Fundacion’ace para el Arte Contemporaneo. Candiani is a graduate of the National University of Cordoba (UNC), Argentina, where she received a Master of Fine Art and a superior degree in Architecture and Urbanism. She did postgraduate studies on Latin American Art and Art Criticism at the University of Buenos Aires and digital imagining at Iowa State University in the United States.

Alicia has been invited as a guest professor, visiting artist, member of the international jury, curator and lecturer at numerous institutions over the world including the Library of Congress, Washington DC, UNESCO and many universities in the United States as well as prestigious art institutions in Spain; Egypt, Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Brazil, United Kingdom, Poland, China, Bulgaria, Canada, Portugal and Argentina.Candiani’ s work involves embodied responses to historical and geo-political constraints endorsing issues relate with Latin America history and culture – such as the territory’s conquest by the Spanish Crown, the Catholic norms and the military dictatorships bloody traces in society – as well as global concerns about migrations, identity and memory. For her presentation at Alfred University, she will talk about the strategies that she uses in her practice, which includes the production of the work, critical discourse, and collaborative art projects encompassing artists, students and communities around the world