The IEA was joined by Tammy McGovern, of Buffalo, NY, as our artist in residence over the week of June 26th. Tammy, who holds a BA in media study from SUNY Buffalo, has shown her film, video, installation, and interactive works in venues at Hallwalls, Visual Studies Workshop, and the Malaysian Institute of Art, among others. Her interactive works are viewer driven experiences that combine aspects of static collage and cinematic stimulation. Pulling from sources varying from poetic texts to manipulated samples from game shows, Tammy’s work becomes an interactive experiment exploring the grey areas among a viewer’s desires, creations, and readings.

Throughout her week at the IEA, Tammy worked across the image processing tools in the IEA’s video studio to process her own video work and stock video to produce new recordings. The various functions of the Doupfer coupled with the MVIP were used to manipulate the properties of these videos along with the warping and transitional effects of Vizzie software and the 4k mixer. The resulting work comes in the form of colorful, flickering, warping videos which will see future life in Tammy’s web-based artworks.

Below are images from Tammy residency: