Brooklyn artist Thane Lund conducted a residency at the IEA over the week of March 23rd. Thane is a human being alive at the same time as you; he makes things and is forever perplexed by reality. After studying abroad at the Burren College of Art in Ireland, Thane received his BFA in painting the the Montana State University School of Art and has exhibited his painting, installation, and photographic work nationally and internationally to venues such as Ireland and Germany.

Throughout his residency Thane split his time between the IEA’s video studio and main office, generating new material and using it for projection mapping. The colorful video was produced via the David Jones Design MVIP tool, which pairs with audio synthesizer tools to produce video effects not unlike those of the Sandin video processor in our video studios. Processing found video as well as live video and feedback, Thane used these colorful, fluctuating forms for projection mapping onto landscape-esque forms he made in Blender, cut out using the Epilog laser cutter, and assembled by hand. The results speak for themselves.

Images from Thane’s residency: