The IEA was delighted to have Omer and Tal Golan as our visiting artists over the week of February 9th, 2014. The artist duo, currently residing in NYC, was founded in 2006 and specializes in the intersection of fine art and technology through highly visual presentations of interactive media. They are self-described autodidacts with no formal background in computer science and seek artistic expression of our humanity, our imagination, and achievements as human animals in science and technology.

During their residency, Omer and Tal focused on producing an iteration of their interactive installation Making Love: Poetry In Motion, ultimately holding an opening of the piece on February 13th. The piece is a living net artwork, that pulls tweets about love and compose an endless love poem in real-time, reacting to viewer presence and movements in the location the piece is installed in. By showing us streams of love tweets from the last few seconds, Poetry In Motion proves to us exactly how much love there is in the world every second. As an added twist, as the opening fell on Friday the 13th, the duo mixed scenes from horror movies and tragic love stories into the background of the live video of love tagged Tweets, with the occasional shriek and frightening scene reminding us that love can also be tragic.

Below are some images of Omer and Tal’s piece: