Over the week of November 3rd the IEA hosted Andrew Erdos as our artist in residence. Based in Brooklyn and represented by the Claire Oliver Gallery in New York, Andrew combines glass sculpture, video, performance, and sound to explore the intersection of culture, technology, and nature. Of his own work, Andrew says “I like taking objects that we are comfortable with—like a human’s reaction to animals—and exploring how we interact with them. In my work, there is a complex series of relationships happening; I am trying to explore all the possible caveats of an idea.”

Throughout his residency, Andrew experimented with photographs he took on a trip to the American Southwest in different applications. Along with large format digital prints, the focus of Andrew’s time was spent on a large, seven-channel video which will ultimately be displayed in a mirrored room of his design, reflecting off of these walls through cloud-shaped cutouts in the mirrors. To construct the videos, Andrew used his photographs to produce 5760×1080 animations, which were then cropped into three 1920×1080 sections that were run together with a video syncer. These split videos will be run on sets of three in the seven monitor installation, with the seventh monitor running a 1920×1080 sized version.

Below are some images of Andrew’s work: