During December of 2013, the Institute for Electronic Arts participated in and contributed to the international exhibition Global Fold: 43º Latitude at the School of New Media of Jilin College of Art in Changchun, China. More info on the show details can be found by clicking on the title of the show above. A lot of documentation was taken during our visit to China to setup the Global Fold show as well as to see and do other things in China. We have put a lot this documentation together in a book, cataloging the setup of the Global Fold show, opening night, the work there, and some of the press involved. It’s a thick book, 380+ pages, and we’ve compressed it to fit online for viewing and download.

You can view the book by clicking here (assuming your browser supports in-browser viewing of PDF documents), and you can download it by Right-clicking/Control-clicking on the link and selecting “Save Link As. . .”, “Save Linked File As. . .”, or some facsimile of those.

An official exhibition catalog is in the works as well, so keep checking in for more details.