Colette Fu has shared with us another book she has finished with some of the materials she produced during her residency last June. It is another amazing pop-up display. Below is the text Colette send to accompany the book along with a photograph. Click on the image and then click on it again in the page that opens to see the photo in more detail.

Naxi Dongba writing consists of pictographic glyphs which can only be interpreted by a “Dongba” priest. Dongba religion is based on the belief that man and nature are half-brothers born of different mothers. Dongba scripture places an emphasis on the relationship between man and nature, where man is punished for his harmful treatment of nature. The characters here are from the ancient scroll “The Road to Heaven” which depicts the journey of departed souls as they are tortured in hell, reincarnated as man again, and then finally are able to join the land of Deities.