Through the week of March 18th the IEA was host to Jason Bernagozzi as our artist in residence. Jason is adept in video, sound, and image processing and makes frequent use of programs such as Max/msp/Jitter to produce his work which addresses concepts concerning the impermanent states between language, memory, and perception.

During his residency, Jason spent much of his time processing video from a recent trip to Malaysia looking at the different aspects of their culture, such as religion, commercialism, and the economies of Malaysia’s people. In addition, he worked on a Max/msp/Jitter patch ultimately for a three-channel interactive, proximity sensing installation which uses flicker techniques to compare and present to viewers the aspects of his Malaysia recordings.

It should be noted that Jason and his wife, Debora, are currently trying to set up an Artist Residency site of their own. Called Signal Culture Jason and Debora hope to channel the energy of the Experimental Television Center of Owego, NY and establish a site for artists, toolmakers, curators, critics, and art historians in the field of media art to work, do research, and exchange ideas. They ultimately wish to construct an experimental media studio with real-time analog and digital image processing equipment, custom made hardware and software, a variety of interactive interfaces and alternative imaging devices that can be configured in a modular studio setup. They currently have an indiegogo fundraising campaign up which, at the time of this entry, has 36 days to raise the funds they need to start their Signal Culture site. We wish them all the best and hope their project reaches its fundraising goals.

Below are some photos and video of Jason at work during his residency.