This week the IEA is happy to have Phillip Stearns in as a visiting artist in residence.

From his website: “Phillip Stearns creates at the intersection of art, philosophy, and science, drawing upon a variety of disciplines including sound installation, music performance and composition, video, circuit sculpture, photography, and conceptual art. Deconstruction, dissection, and reconfiguration are methods he commonly employs in his hands-on approach to creating works with materials ranging from electronic objects, biological systems, images, light, video, and sound. His process is aimed at revealing hidden macrocosms of potential, new materials for expression, and new paths for inquiries into understanding the state of things. In his work with technology, the machine is understood as the living manifestation of human intentions where the development and application of our technologies, machines and tools reveals our desires and dreams—both conscious and unconscious.”

Phillip is working in the IEA’s video and sound studios working with live signal processing utilizing multiple mixers, the Sandine, and homemade instruments to generate sound and images from glitches and feedback. Additionally, he will be doing a performance in the Jr./Sr. Video Studio on Thursday, April 5th at 6:30 in McGee Room 207.

Lament IV – Waves (10min excerpt) by Phillip Stearns