Yuanyuan Zhang – Nerve Impulses 2017 MFA Thesis Exhibition Electronic Integrated Arts

2017 MFA Thesis Exhibition     Electronic Integrated Arts
April 15th – 18th

Nerve Impulses

See You When I See You
Digital Print on Museum Etching
44 x 88″

Nerve systems play an essential role in our thinking, innovation, expression, arrangement, and movement. It collects the information from the outside world and replies by many different methods. The eyes, mouth, nose, ears, hands, feet and other parts of the human body work as input and output. Body parts are controlled by nerve systems to act or to react. When it comes to nerve impulses, they are known as electrical signals that travel along an axon. These waves of electrical activity can code information then issue orders to the body, which has various speeds in the process. From my perspective, “Nerve impulses” carries the sense of actuation, indulging, and madness but along with enthusiasm, creativity, and courage. What’s more, It is my very beginning of my every artwork. Gratefully and excitedly, I am waiting for a flash of inspiration to hit me at any time. There are similar scenes to the motions of nerves electrical waves while I am doing my art projects via the digital process. I give the order to the computer, and simultaneously it decodes the input to present something I want to see. Most of my artworks I made involved in the process of computing. Videos and digital prints, what a coincidence? They marvelously embrace the nerve impulses and the digital coding waves in a thoughtful way.


Redemption II
360° VR video

How to deal with my wandering mind and the childhood leftover? Can the congenital impulses offer help? It seems that I am able to sense the flow of energy, the communication of thoughts and the unexpectedness of touch within my body, provided that it is my unknown impulses. These pulses can be triggered at any moment consciously and unconsciously. On the one hand, they are my cells, which possess some latent memories from the sperm and egg, here they are supposed to be deliberate and sensitive like they were from many hundred years ago. On the other hand, this is a live video looping that does not obey the regulation of 100% repetition and time controls. I wish it were a never-ending story. As a naughty child, Barbie dolls, mini cars as well as kites are my valuable childhood properties, at least I used to think so. They opened a new door for me to walk in and hence, I got an entirely different view of the world. Since I was not only able to choose the distinct color and texture of the clothes for my slim Barbies, I also knew how to power my mini cars to be dynamic. I made my kites fly higher than me, since I want to be a kite runner and a dream hunter. These toys triggered the impetus to my art creation. Childhood is now far away from me, but it left the impulses and memories that light up my world. I wonder, didn’t all these childhood goods and related experiences develop into an ambiguous artistic book for a beginner finally?


Video Projection Performance

“I went to see a psychiatrist. He said, “Tell me everything.” I did, and now he’s doing my act.”—Matthew Barney

Robert C. Turner Gallery

TSI/Harland Snodgrass Gallery

School of Art and Design

NYSCC at Alfred University2 Pine Street, Alfred, NY 14802

Opening Reception: Saturday • April 15th • 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Performance: Saturday • April 15th 7:20pm & 8:20pm

Gallery Hours : Tuesday – Friday: 12pm – 5pmSaturday: 12pm – 2pm

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