Spotlight — Tsinghua Expanded Media Exhibition and Print Demo from Joseph Scheer in Progress

Exhibitions of Faculty and Students from Expanded Media, SoAD Alfred University Artist Talk from Professor Joseph Scheer

Show Setup : 

Prints from Yu Xin

Laying out prints

 Prints from Yu Xin
Prints from Yu Xin
Moths from Joseph Scheer
Students Works
Prints from Kathy Vajda(right), Myles Calvert(middle), Aodi Liang(left)
Prints from William Contino (left), Tim Pauszek (Middle), Joseph Scheer (right)

Show Opening & Artist Talk :

People taking photos with Moths
Artist Talk with Students and Faculties
Artist Talk from Joseph Scheer
Artist Talk from Joseph Scheer

Fun in Beijing :

Students Putting up Prints
Big Feast

(• Photos from Joseph Scheer in China •)

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