2016 EIA Grads Midterm Critique

EIA Grads Midterm Critique 2016 was held on Wednesday October 12th

It was GREAT with the new first year grads and brilliant second year grads.Professor Peer Bode, Myles Calvert, Will Contino, Andrew Deutsch, Barbara Lattanzi, Joseph Scheer, etc. attended the meeting.

First Year Grads

Lauren Canella
Yueyuan Gong
Matt Underwood
Jiayi Wang

Second Year Grads

Jesse Earle
Michael Haleta
Yibo Xu 
Yu Xin (Magnet)
Yuanyuan Zhang (Joyce)

Congratulations and très bien you all !! See you all at final critique.

(Photos from Aodi Liang and Professor Joseph Scheer)

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