Congratulation to EIA MFA student Colleen Marie Foley!

Congratulations to Coco- Colleen Marie Foley– EIA MFA student for winning Curators Choice Award at last weeks exhibition — Cross Cultural Dialog: Sino-American MFA Student Exhibition,  held at the Javits center in New York City. Xiaowen Chen is delivering the award.

Other alumni and EIA  students featured in this exhibit include: Yasmina Chavez, Ma Qiusha, Brandon Barr, Rebekkah Palov, Jason Bernagozzi, Eric Souther, Wang Rui, Sondra Perry and You Qi, The Exhibit was curated by Professor Fei Jun – Chair CAFA Department of Digital Media and Professor Xiaowen Chen, Professor of Print Media, Expanded Media – SoAD, NYSCC at Alfred University.

Installing the “Cross-Cultural Dialogue: Sino-American Young Artists” Exhibition

Installing the “Cross-Cultural Dialogue: Sino-American Young Artists” exhibition at the Javits Convention Center in New York.  The exhibition opens February 6th and will include work from past and current students.  

photos courtesy of Joseph Scheer

Show is almost ready!
A look at the immense size of the Javits Convention Center in New York.
Peer Bode, Fei Jun, and Xiaoliang setting up the exhibit!

In the current time of globalization that has brought cultural convergence and integration as well as cultural conflicts and tensions, cross-cultural dialogues are necessary for creating means and approaches to better understanding the reality of an increasingly multicultural world. “Cross-Cultural Dialogue: Sino-American Young Artists Exhibition”, which is a significant part of the “Fantastic Art China 2016: New York International Creative Festival”, provides a platform for young artists from China and America to engage in investigation and exploration through their art practice cross-cultural issues of common interest.

Participating young artists from China are mostly those who graduated in the last few years from such major art schools as the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing Film Academy, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Beijing University of Technology, and Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture. And also includes New York City based young artists who graduated in the last three years from art schools, departments or programs and whose works explore a wide range of cross-cultural issues in the age of globalization.

“Cross-cultural Dialogue” Young Artists Section participating artists:Adigun, Soumaila; Austria, Julio Jojo; Carpio, Pablo; Chang, Yuchen; Chen, Diana, and Yang, NaijinChen, Yu; De Carvalho, Priscila; Gao, Ze Grokhovsky, Katya; Guo, Feng; Hu, Yueyin; Huo, Dongze; Jiang, Tian; Kalman, Elena Kim, Jung S.; Leo, Jessica; Li, Amiko WenjiaLi, Xiangyi; Liao, Pixy Yijun; Lin, Eleen Lin, Minyu; Liu, Yushan; Liu, ZhangbolongNeidl, Doris; Nikolova, Eva; Pae, Sunghee Ponce, Olivié; Song, Zihui; Soulier, LaetitiaSui, Shaoyuan; Takagi, Hidemi; Todorova, Miryana Treizman, Denise; Wang, Wei; Wube, Ezra Xu, Yaya; Xue, Shoumian; Yang, RenqianZhang, Hai; Zhang, Lu; Zhang, Wenxin

“Cross-cultural Dialogue” Art Students Works in the section of Painting, Sculpture and Mixed Media participating artists:Akpinar, Leman; Bseiso, Noor; Chang, Jiayu; Cziraki, Andrew; Du, Jackie; Fitzsimons, Carly; Fraiman, Darya Efrat; Fu, Shuai; Gbadebo, Ade Bunmi; Hilado, Lee Jacob B.; Hu, Yong; Jerez, Genesis; Li, Teddi; Oh, Seungkyung; Peng, Danlu; Sen, Smita; Utter, Dillon; Villalon, Jean Cesar Villalon; Wang, Jingyi; Warren, Joseph Nathaniel; Wei, Zhuoxi; Wu, Jiannan; Ye, Jiang; Zeng, Chen ACE; Zhang, Lang; Zhang, Leying; Zhou, Lisa

Photography section:

Exhibition Organizer: The Central Academy of Fine Arts, China

Co-Organizer: US-China Cultural Institute

Curators: Dr. Yu Ding (chief curator), Dr. Zhijian Qian, Prof. Wang Chuan, Prof. Fei Jun and Prof. Ma Juncheng