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Dear Alfred University students, staff, and faculty:

September was observed as International Colorblindness Awareness Month, a time to educate the world on Color Vision Deficiency, which effects approximately 4.3 percent (or 350 million people) of the global population. Alfred University is proud to count among its alumni Don McPherson, MS ’94, PhD ’98, co-founder of EnChroma, the Berkeley, California, company that makes glasses and contacts to help people with colorblindness see colors. Don invented the technology used in EnChroma’s lenses and serves as the company’s chief science officer.

There have been many stories of people who have been helped by EnChroma lenses. One appeared in a September 28 article published by Travel and Leisure magazine, related how Russell Basilio, a Canadian with colorblindness, traveled to the Yukon to see the Northern Lights. Equipped with a pair of EnChroma glasses, Basilio was able to witness the Lights in all their colorful splendor.

Read the story, “This Colorblind Traveler Got to See the Northern Lights — Here’s How,” here.

Over our Homecoming/Family Weekend, celebrated September 21-23, Alfred University Libraries partnered with EnChroma to observe Colorblindness Awareness Month. EnChroma donated two pairs of its glasses, which were raffled off to visitors to colorblindness educational displays at Herrick and Scholes libraries. The libraries each have 10 pairs of glasses donated by EnChroma, which they loan out to customers just as they would books.

Echo Castine ’24, tries out one of the pairs of EnChroma glasses raffled off by University Libraries over Homecoming/Family Weekend.

Forty-one people entered to win the glasses in our Homecoming/Family Weekend raffle. The lucky winners were Echo Castine, an Alfred University junior with colorblindness, and Ann Geiger, the mother of another of our students, junior Katy Geiger. Ann plans to give the glasses to Katy’s grandfather, who also has colorblindness.

We are honored by EnChroma’s connection to Alfred University and proud to partner with the company to increase awareness of and help people with colorblindness.

Fiat full colors!