Fiat increasing the sense of home at The Brick

Dear Alfred University students, staff, and faculty:

We are pleased to announce a gift of $1 million from Life Trustee Ann Moskowitz, wife of late longtime Board member Joel Moskowitz ’61, HD ’95. The gift will be used to complete interior renovations in The Brick residence hall.

Ann’s and Joel’s philanthropy has long supported Alfred University, particularly in student life. The couple’s gifts created two special interest houses on campus: Joel’s House, a 22-bed residence hall constructed in 2004; and Ann’s House, a 48-bed residence hall constructed in 2009. In 2019, a gift from Ann funded renovations of Reimer Hall, which was renamed Moskowitz Hall.

Now, her generosity will fund improvements to The Brick, one of our University’s most beloved residential facilities. Renovations will include new windows throughout the building; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning upgrades; bathroom and shower renovations; installation of LED lighting; repainting; and refinishing floors. New modular furniture for student rooms and lounge areas will also be purchased.

The Brick residence hall

Ann is particularly interested in taking care of spaces where students can find a sense of “home.” She named Joel’s House and Ann’s House because they connote warmth and welcoming…like home.

It is for this reason Ann chose to invest in The Brick. Constructed in 1858 as a women’s residence hall, it has been known over the years as Boarding Hall, University Hall, and Ladies Hall; in 1933, our University permanently adopted the nickname used by students for the building, and it has since been known as The Brick.

Please join me in thanking Ann for her generosity, which will help preserve the legacy of this most unique campus building for generations of students to come.

Fiat increasing the sense of home at The Brick!