Fiat Earth Day

Dear Alfred University students, staff, and faculty:

Next Friday, April 22, Alfred University will kick off the first of what we are planning as an annual event connected with Earth Day activities around the world: a campus-wide clean-up coupled with an outdoor barbecue for volunteers.

The clean-up begins at 12:30 p.m. and volunteers will be directed to areas of the campus identified over the coming week. Their efforts will be celebrated with a barbecue prepared in front of the Powell Campus Center by Alfred University’s own Tim Heckman, assistant director of Capital Projects/Facilities Operations; and Nadine Shardlow ’86, MS ’17, interim co-vice president for Student Experience, and her husband, Mark Shardlow ’82, and son, Justin Shardlow ’12. At the conclusion of the clean-up, at around 3 p.m., volunteers can relax and enjoy the food picnic-style on the lawn between Powell and Herrick Library.

Nadine Shardlow cuts some ribs she prepared for her barbecue competition team, “Da Mamma’s BBQ.”
Tim Heckman (right), and Jamie Babcock, executive director, Capital Projects/Facilities, with a hog they roasted at a picnic held at Foster Lake for Facilities employees. Tim will bring his pit, used for his hobby barbecue outfit, “Sundog BBQ,” and prepare food (with Jamie’s help) at our clean-up event.
Members of the our football team take a break from sprucing up the village of Alfred during last spring’s community clean-up.

The emphasis will be on the removal of trash, leaves and other debris from areas across the campus. Nadine Shardlow and Paul Vecchio, our interim co-vice presidents for Student Experience, will solicit advice from students and employees regarding areas of the campus most in need of attention. The University will supply clean-up supplies and equipment; volunteers are welcome to bring their own rakes, gloves, and so on, if desired. Please look for future communications for details on signing up to volunteer.

Next Friday’s event aligns with the spirit of Earth Day, and future clean-ups will be scheduled annually around subsequent Earth Days. In addition, removing waste materials from campus is consistent with our University’s curriculum, which includes the Environmental Studies Program in our College of Liberal Arts and Science.

We hope this annual event becomes a celebration of our region’s environmental heritage. Without a healthy environment, we would not have had a thriving agricultural community. Without that community, we never would have had Alfred University, which was founded in 1836 by local farmers.

Please join me in volunteering for the Outside of Ordinary clean-up activities next Friday and in enjoying the delicious BBQ to follow.

Fiat Earth Day!