Fiat investing in education

Dear Alfred University students, staff, and faculty:

James Jordan ’72, a member of our Board of Trustees, funds scholarships for graduates of Richfield Springs Central High School. Jim grew up and still lives in Richfield Springs, NY, where he is president of James Jordan Associates, a family-owned architectural firm founded in 1934.

Since the 2005-06 academic year, the James Jordan Scholarship has provided more than $80,000 to fund scholarships for six students from Jim’s hometown who have enrolled at Alfred University. In 2018, Jim also committed $1 million to Alfred University to help beautify our campus.

One student who has benefitted from Jim’s scholarship support, first-year finance major Dylan Dyn ’25, recently penned a message to Jim, expressing his gratitude for his scholarship. The letter—which you can read here—poignantly expresses not only his appreciation for the financial support, but also the glowing impression Alfred University has made on him. Dylan, after less than a month as an Alfred University student, already feels (in his words) “fortunate and blessed” to have chosen to attend our University.

We often hear from alumni about how their experience at Alfred University was transformational, changing their lives for the better and positioning them to make a difference in the world. Reading Dylan’s words, it’s easy to see how he will be telling these types of stories in a few short years.

We have Jim Jordan to thank, in part, for Dylan’s future success and that of other students who have, and will, benefit from Jim’s philanthropy.

Yours truly with Dylan Dyn ’25, recipient of a James Jordan Scholarship to Alfred University

Marlin Miller ’54, HD ’89, HD ’19, one of our University’s most generous benefactors who has funded numerous scholarships over the years, recently suggested establishing a $5,000/year Saxon Circle level through which a donor will be able to support a particular student such as Dylan Dyn throughout the course of their studies at Alfred University. The Saxon Circle is the leadership-giving society that we launched in 2016 and recognizes alums and friends who have committed to proving a minimum of $1,000 in discretionary support to our University for five years. To date, we are grateful to count 719 founding members in our Saxon Circle.

Thanks to the expanded Saxon Circle philanthropic commitments made by Marlin, Gene Bernstein ’69, Carolyn Clark ’90, Bob Cohen ’59, Terry Galanis HD ’19, Steve Heine ’81, Jim Jordan, and Patricia St. George ’89, we are pleased to report that we already have 30 new student Saxon Circle scholarship commitments at the $5,000/year level proposed by Marlin. Our aim is to raise this number to at least 100 Saxon Circle scholarship commitments by the close of our fundraising campaign in 2026. If you would be interested in finding out more about the new Saxon Circle scholarship initiative, please let me know. Supporters of the initiative will be doing for students what Jim Jordan has done for Dylan Dyn—helping young people transform their lives and better our world through an Alfred University education.

Fiat investing in education!