Fiat building on our heritage of transforming student lives

Dear Alfred University students, staff, and faculty:

When alumni talk about what they treasure most about their time at Alfred University they most often point to someone—usually a faculty or staff member—who took an interest in them and changed their lives for the better.

With this in mind, one of the primary targets of our current ten-year capital campaign, begun in July 2016, is to double the number of endowed faculty and staff positions. To meet that goal, we aim to secure gifts/commitments for at least 18 new endowed faculty and staff positions. This note is to let you know that we are well on our way to achieving that objective. To date, we have received gifts/commitments for 12 new endowed positions; five have been fully funded and the other seven are estate commitments made to our Heritage Circle by alumni and friends.

One of the latest endowed position to be fully funded is an English professorship made possible by a gift from Jane Petersen Uschold ’52. Jane, who passed away in March 2020, earned a bachelor’s degree in English from Alfred University. Through her Heritage Circle commitment, she created an endowment to attract and retain faculty committed to transforming student lives—as hers was by her time here—and bettering our world. The Jane Petersen Uschold ’52 English professorship will be awarded for the first time to a deserving faculty member later this academic year.

Alfred University yearbook photo of Jane Petersen Uschold ’52

Please join me in thanking generous donors such as Jane Petersen Uschold for their philanthropic investments to better recognize, support, and amplify the pivotal impact that our University’s faculty and staff have on the lives of our students.

We dearly welcome the involvement of other alumni and friends who would like to assist us with this important endeavor either by directly funding an endowed faculty/staff position or providing for such an endowment through a Heritage Circle commitment and their estate plans.

Fiat building on our heritage of transforming student lives!