Fiat campus beautification

Dear Alfred University students, staff, and faculty:

As you arrive in Alfred for the 2021-22 academic year, you will notice the installation of new modern Alfred University-branded signs in front of buildings and along campus roadways. This improvement was underwritten by a generous gift from alumnus and Board of Trustees member Jim Jordan ’72.

Jim has a bachelor’s degree in business from Alfred University and has been a Trustee since 2003. As president of James Jordan Associates, Architects, he has overseen the design of more than $500 million in educational and commercial space. The sign project is made possible by a $1 million commitment Jim made to the University in 2018, which established a beautification fund aimed at improving the aesthetics of our campus.

Alfred University partnered with ID Signsystems, Inc., of Rochester on the design and creation of the signs. Planning for the sign project began in the spring, with completion scheduled before the start of classes this coming Monday. The initial phase of the project—installation of identifying signs on or in front of all educational, residential, and office buildings, along with larger directional and wayfinding signs—is expected to be completed by the end of this week. 

New signage at Ann’s House and Herrick Memorial Library

Beyond making our campus easier to navigate and aesthetically more pleasing, the signs enhance safety. This is because high profile, visible signs provide improved direction to any emergency service providers (ambulance, fire, and police) coming to our campus.

Please join me in thanking Jim Jordan for his generous support for improving our beloved campus grounds.

Fiat campus beautification!