Fiat taking better care of our people!

Dear Alfred University staff and faculty:

In keeping with our University’s commitment to take better care of our people, I am pleased to inform you that effective July 1, the following compensation increases will be made for all full- and part-time, regular employees hired on or before April 30, 2021:

• $0.50/hour in the wage paid to non-exempt (hourly) employees.

• $1,000 (pro-rated for those less than one FTE) in the annual salary paid to exempt and professional non-exempt classified employees.

Consistent with the philosophy that guided the distribution of this month’s one-time bonus that was philanthropically underwritten by our Board, the changes will result in a greater percentage increase in compensation for those employees of ours who are on the lower end of the pay-scale.

Our management team recognizes that these compensation changes represent only the first step that we intend to take to ensure that you, who are at the heart of Alfred University’s ability to transform student lives and better our world, feel suitably valued for your contributions on our behalf. As mentioned during this morning’s Zoom call, the next, near-term envisioned step will take into account the results of a benchmarking study of salaries for the various jobs on our campus as well as factors such as student enrollment outcomes.

It took a team effort to successfully navigate COVID this academic year. It will require the ongoing efforts from all of us to achieve our objectives in terms of student enrollment and success, scholarly impact, and philanthropic and research support. We look forward to making this magic continue to happen at Alfred University, thereby giving us the means to take further steps in terms of better compensating our employees.

Fiat taking better care of our people!