Fiat Bending the Art of the Moral Universe

During a college commencement address in 1964, Martin Luther King, Jr., referenced the quote “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Yesterday’s guilty verdict in the trial of the former police officer accused of slaying George Floyd last May provides welcome proof in support of the quote cited by King.

Given all that has transpired over the past year and, most importantly, what remains to be done going forward, let us take this opportunity to reflect on, discuss, and act on our personal commitments to help bend the arc of the moral universe toward greater inclusivity, empathy, understanding, and justice. Within the Alfred University campus community there are some meaningful paths toward such an objective. These include becoming involved with our Institute for Cultural Unity or Center for Student Involvement as well as pursuing coursework in our Social Justice Studies or Leadership minors. Please also keep in mind the staff of our Wellness Center and Brian Saltsman, the director of Diversity/Inclusion within our Student Affairs office, as resources for processing/discussing this vital topic.

Fiat bending the arc of the moral universe!