Fiat Appreciation & Inspiration

Dear Alfred University alumni, parents, and friends,

Countless heroes have emerged in the battle against COVID-19. We have been blessed by the fortitude and contributions of so many members of our Alfred University community who have put their supportive shoulders to the proverbial wheel. 

For example, alumni in the healthcare field have helped develop tests and treatments; overseen clinical trials of diagnostic tests; and led efforts to develop glass vials used to transport vaccines. One of our students spent last summer working at a lab that was one of the first to conduct mass testing for COVID. And one of our professors led a group of graduate students who used 3-D printing technology to produce air filters for use in personal respirators that protect against COVID.

In the early months of the pandemic, New York City was hit especially hard. In that area, no health care facility was hit harder than the Elmhurst Hospital Center in Queens, which often was referred to as “ground zero.” ABC News recently aired a retrospective piece on Elmhurst’s resilient response, “How NY hospital faced COVID devastation and came back from the brink.”  Paula Clarke MS ’15, a public administration alumna of our AU-NY program and Elmhurst administrator, was featured prominently in the ABC piece.

As we strive to surmount COVID, let us take time to reflect on the profound impact it has had on our nation and also express our appreciation to those Alfred University community members, like Paula, whose dedicated service has both helped so many in their time of need and provided pivotal inspiration during some of the pandemic’s darkest days.

Fiat appreciation and inspiration!