Fiat E Pluribus Unum

Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 3, a general election will be held to determine, among other things, who will lead the United States as president for the next four years. The results of this election—held during an especially polarized time in the nation’s history—have the potential to create conflict among an increasingly partisan citizenry.

Our hope is that this result does not occur—neither on the streets of our cities and villages, nor on our college campuses.

Last week, we sent an email encouraging all who can to cast their ballots in the general election. This note is to request that all members of our campus community respect each other as well the results of the election.

America’s secret sauce has depended on an openness to diversity of background, speech, thought, and religious belief. Regardless of citizens’ various political leanings and which candidates they support, please remember that all Americans are deserving of consideration and civility. Notwithstanding the feelings of elation or hurt that various members of our community may feel as a consequence of the electoral outcome, let us remain committed to being there first and foremost for each other and toward building a better future for our University and the broader world.

Fiat E Pluribus Unum!