Fiat Ongoing Due Care!

One Alfred University student has tested positive for COVID-19 in testing administered this week. That student was part of a 12-student pool tested on Thursday, September 24, which resulted in a positive result for the pool. Follow-up tests have been conducted on the rest of the students in the pool, and they are in quarantine as a precaution pending test results.

A second student who tested positive in the pool test was subsequently tested in the Wellness Center to confirm the positive status, out of an abundance of caution. The Allegany County Department of Health agreed with our decision to retest this student based on the potential for pool contamination in the initial result. This second student has tested negative on an antigen-based test but we have yet to learn about a follow up PCR-based test. Out of an abundance of caution, this second student has been placed in isolation. If the second student’s follow-up test is negative, that student will be allowed to return to their residential housing. 

The Wellness Center, in partnership with the Allegany County Department of Health, has completed contact tracing procedures. As a result of the positive test results, 31 students have been placed in quarantine: nine on campus and 22 in off-campus housing or at home.

In order to protect the privacy rights of all involved, no information about the two students who tested positive, or anyone else identified through contact tracing, will be released by the University. We ask anyone who has become aware of the identities of any of the students involved to respect their rights as well by refraining from identifying them to others, in any form of communication.

Our University completed Phase 1, mandatory pooled sample testing, last week. Beginning tomorrow, Monday, September 28, our University moves to Phase 2, surveillance testing. This regimen is based on periodic testing of individuals who are not experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, and is designed to provide an early warning system of the virus’ presence among our students. Each Monday through November 9, approximately 180 students will participate in pooled sample surveillance testing.

In response to the positive tests, the McLane Center gymnasium reopening will be delayed until Wednesday, September 30,pending further test results from over the weekend and the anticipated surveillance testing beginning on September 28. Until further notice, athletic team practice and training will be allowed to continue, but without contact.

Students, staff, and faculty are urged to continue following guidelines aimed at promoting a safe and healthy campus. These include wearing a mask or face covering (covering both nose and mouth) whenever you are or may be within six feet of someone else, engaging in appropriate personal hygiene, practicing social distancing, and submitting to a daily health screening. If a student fails the daily health screening, please remain in your room or off-campus residence and call the Wellness Center. In addition, students who are experiencing any symptoms listed in the daily screening report, please call the Wellness Center for an appointment to be seen and tested.

Our University recommends flu shots for students to reduce the risk of contracting the flu this fall. If you would like to schedule a flu shot, please call the Wellness Center at 607-871-2400. The cost is $15, which will be charged to your student account.

Fiat ongoing due care!