Fiat Ongoing Vigilance

An Alfred University student has tested positive for COVID-19. The student came to the University’s Wellness Center this afternoon exhibiting symptoms of COVID and underwent antigen testing, which revealed a positive result. The student is being placed in isolation and the Wellness Center, in partnership with the Allegany County Department of Health, have begun contact tracing procedures. Anyone identified by the Wellness Center or the Allegany County Department of Health will be quarantined.

No information about the student or anyone else identified through contact tracing will be released by the University, in order to protect the privacy rights of all involved. We ask anyone who has become aware of the identities of any of the students involved to respect their rights as well by refraining from identifying them to others, in any form of communication.

Students, staff, and faculty are urged to continue following guidelines aimed at promoting a safe and healthy campus. These include wearing a mask or face covering whenever you are or may be within six feet of someone else, engaging in appropriate personal hygiene, practicing social distancing, and submitting to a daily health screening.  And, if you are experiencing any symptoms listed in the daily screening report, please call the Wellness Center for an appointment to be seen and tested.

Fiat Ongoing Vigilance!