Fiat Vigilance

The following was sent by Rave alert to students and their families last evening regarding results from our students being tested last week for COVID-19:

Beginning this week, we will send weekly results of COVID-19 pooled saliva testing of Alfred University students. Each Sunday’s email will contain the total number of students tested, the days the tests were administered, the number of positive and negative test results, and the total number of tests administered since our students returned to campus.

The results for the week just ended are as follows:

Tests administered……….245 (Wednesday, September 9); 366 (Friday, September 11)

Number of positive pools returned………0

Total number of pooled saliva tests administered to date……….731

We expect to complete pooled saliva testing during the week of September 20, after which we will initiate surveillance testing of 180 students per week, randomly selected, through the week of November 15. By that point we will have tested each student at least twice. Students who would like to reserve a convenient time to be tested, please use this link:  

As a reminder, a negative result only indicates that you did not have the virus seven days prior to taking the test, and does not indicate anything going forward. So, you need to stay vigilant to remain safe in terms of protecting yourself and other members of our campus community and surrounding Village.  

If you are an Alfred University student who has not yet made the affirmation to keep our campus safe, here is the link to do so: Protect the Lux. The guidelines in Protect the Lux—which apply equally to staff and faculty—include a pledge to wear masks or face coverings when required, submit a daily health screening, practice social distancing, and engage in appropriate personal hygiene. 

And please remember that each of us must fulfill our shared responsibilities every day for promoting the health and safety of our campus and surrounding community. Our individual actions will be the greatest determining factor in achieving our collective goal to keep our campus open throughout the Fall semester.

Note: We recommend flu shots for our students to reduce the risk of contracting the flu this Fall. Students: If you would like to schedule a flu shot, please call the Wellness Center at 607-871-2400. The cost is $15, which will be charged to your student account.

The results of testing of our students thus far is certainly encouraging, and reflects the willingness of all members the Alfred University community to promote a safe campus. We are grateful for the efforts of our students, staff, and faculty to follow guidance aimed at Protecting the Lux.

However, we must be careful not to let our guard down. Other college campuses across the country serve as examples of what can happen when diligence in following safety protocols is relaxed. Over the weekend, two New York State institutions imposed significant restrictions on campus activities due to irresponsible behavior of a relatively small number of students. One school, approaching the state’s threshold for positive tests, teeters on the edge of having to pivot back to a fully online model of instruction.

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign implemented one of the nation’s most comprehensive plans for keeping COVID-19 under control. Nonetheless, that institution experienced an unexpected upswing in positive cases over the last two weeks which officials attributed to students attending large gatherings. The university immediately implemented a lockdown, with students forced to stay in their dorms or off-campus housing with the exception of attending classes and essential activities.

Our goal to keep our campus open requires our continued vigilance in following protocols aimed at mitigating the spread of COVID-19. As the testing done to date indicates, our students are taking their responsibilities very seriously. Their efforts, and those of our staff and faculty, must continue throughout the year.

Fiat vigilance!