Fiat Educational Opportunity

These challenging COVID-19 times have economically impacted many families of college-age children.

Alfred University has historically been generous in the financial assistance we provide our students—97 percent of our students receive some type of aid, with approximately $35 million in grants and scholarships distributed each year. In light of the COVID pandemic, we must be especially understanding of the financial difficulties faced by many of our students and their families.

With this in mind, the Alfred University administration proposed and our Board of Trustees unanimously approved last week a tuition and fee schedule for the 2021-22 academic year that will hold constant tuition and all but one fee relative to the current levels. There will be no increase in undergraduate and graduate tuition for our main campus programs, no change in room fees, and only a modest two-percent increase in board rates (the latter to reflect rising labor costs that our food provider, AU Fresh, will undergo due to a further increase in the minimum wage in January).

We hope that the foregoing news will be welcome by those of our students and their families who plan to further their education at Alfred University beyond the current academic year.

Fiat educational opportunity!

P.S. Our University had the honor of being featured this week on a segment of the Rochester Business Journal’s popular podcast, “Rochester Biz Conversations.” The feature profiled Alfred University’s COVID-19 planning, the future of traditional universities, and opportunities presented by these challenging times. The spotlight also afforded the chance to wear a tie for the first time in nearly six months!