Fiat Campus Improvements

Students will complete their move-in to Alfred University this weekend as we prepare to begin our 185th academic year with classes on Monday. The excitement that comes with the start of a new year will be accompanied by a sense of freshness reflected in two significant construction projects on our campus.

The first project involves Openhym, our largest residence hall. The $9 million project, supported by generous gifts from two members of our Board of Trustees—former Board chair Marlin Miller, ’54, H ’89, ’19, and current Board chair Greg Connors ’92—began in April and involves the complete renovation of 156 student rooms on Openhym’s top three floors.

Of the 156 newly furnished rooms, 150 will be doubles and six will be singles. For the first time in an Alfred University residence hall, students will have the ability to independently control heating and cooling in each room. The fully renovated bathroom facilities have individual stalls and all-new fixtures, and each floor has its own common area.

Rendering of a single room in the renovated Openhym Residence Hall
Artist rendering of a single occupancy room in the renovated Openhym residence hall.

While rooms will be ready for occupancy when the final group of our students move in this weekend, work on the ground floor will continue through the first part of October. The ground floor will house a full kitchen and dining area, maker space, a gaming room, study spaces, small lounge and meeting areas, bathroom facilities, and the resident director apartment and office.

The project at Openhym represents our University’s continued commitment to improving our residential facilities.

Last year, we unveiled a common space linking Tefft and Moskowitz residence halls, funded by a gift from Marlin Miller. The amply furnished Link can be accessed from the ground and second floors of both residence halls. Ceiling-to-floor windows make it light and inviting, and there is an outdoor gas fire pit with a seating wall.

Renovations to Moskowitz Hall—funded by a gift from trustee Ann Moskowitz, wife of late trustee Joel Moskowitz ’61—were completed over the summers of 2017 and 2018, while work at Tefft Hall—funded by a Marlin Miller gift—was done over the summers of 2018 and 2019. The projects included total renovations to student rooms; redesigns and updates of restroom and shower facilities; construction of new common areas on ground floors, including kitchen and lounge facilities; and refurbishing of residence directors’ rooms and offices.

The second construction project for this academic year will be completed this Fall and benefit our entire campus community. It is being entirely underwritten through the philanthropic investments made by three members of our Board of Trustees.

A stretch of campus roadway, approximately 3,000 feet of Upper Pine Hill drive extending from the intersection with Ford Street to the entrance of the Pine Hill Suites, will be repaved. A five foot-wide walking/jogging/bicycling path, painted purple, will run parallel to the roadway, which will be renamed Marlin Miller Way, in recognition of our most generous benefactor.

Trustee John Edmond ’83, a co-founder of Cree, Inc., a company which initially succeeded by producing innovative LED lighting systems and has more recently pivoted to manufacturing silicon carbide wafers to help power electric vehicles, is underwriting the cost of installing energy-efficient LED lighting along Marlin Miller Way.

Rendering of Marlin Way
Artist rendering of Marlin Miller Way

The $600,000 roadway project also is being supported by a generous commitment made in 2018 by trustee James Jordan ’72 to help beautify our campus. The project will create 97 new parking spaces, replace the existing roadway’s guardrail, and install benches in a common area near the hairpin turn of Upper Pine Hill.

Bids for the project will be opened next week; work is expected to begin September 1 and be completed by mid-November.

Please join me in thanking Greg Connors, John Edmond, Jim Jordan, and Marlin Miller for their generosity in making these wonderful improvements to our campus possible. We are fortunate to have the support of a dedicated Board of Trustees so committed to enhancing the impact of our University.

Fiat campus improvements!

P.S. We will be providing parents and families of our students an update on our University as we begin the Fall 2020 semester through a Zoom meeting on Tuesday, September 8, 7:00-8:00 p.m. An invitation to the Zoom meeting will be emailed soon. Also, we encourage our students to provide us with any other email addresses of family members who they would like added to our distribution list so that we can keep in appropriate touch with them throughout the semester.