Fiat International Diversity

We were pleased to learn yesterday that a proposed policy change announced last week by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which we believe could have compromised the academic futures, and potentially the health and safety of our international students, has been rescinded.

Our University joined a number of other institutions in voicing its opposition to the ICE policy which, had it remained intact, could have forced some international students to return home, their studies interrupted. Thankfully, the Trump administration rescinded the proposed policy change.

Associated Press story on the rescinding of the ICE policy affecting international students

International students, who contribute to our cultural diversity and strengthen our academic programs, are an invaluable asset to our University. Our support for them is unwavering. We are immensely gratified by the administration’s decision to reverse course on the potentially harmful proposed ICE policy change.

Fiat international diversity!

Beth Ann Dobie, vice president of Academic Affairs and provost
Mark Zupan, president