Fiat “Give Me an ‘A’!…”

For the past 50 years, Mark O’Meara ’74, ’79 MS, has been leading our University’s Homecoming football game cheers in his own Outside of Ordinary way.

Mark co-produced our first Hot Dog Day in Alfred a half century ago. He and his wife, Loretta ’75, have been long-time owners of two prominent movie theaters in Fairfax, Virginia, where they annually host gatherings at one of their theaters for our area alumni and friends. They also show a trailer promoting Alfred University prior to the start of each day’s featured movie (no wonder our student enrollment from northern Virginia has been on the rise!).

With the COVID-19 outbreak, Mark and Loretta’s theaters are now facing some challenging economic times—as are so many other organizations in the United States and around the globe. In response to the daunting challenge, Mark and Loretta’s entrepreneurial spirit and inspiring commitment to their employees is shining through—so much so that they garnered a wonderful Variety feature story.

As pointed out in the Variety article, the efforts by Mark and Loretta are really a double feature: selling movie theater popcorn to their community, who welcome the treat, with the revenue going to their employees, who would otherwise be living without an income while the theaters are closed. I’m sure you’ll agree, Mark and Loretta deserve a standing ovation! 

Mark and Loretta O’Meara truly represent the best of Alfred University students and alumni—people with great ideas and big hearts!

Fiat “Give Me an ‘A’!…”