Fiat Resilience, Safe Practices, and Smoother Water

A friend sent me the below links over the weekend. They focus on a prediction of the pattern that the COVID-19 outbreak is likely to take in the United States made by Michael Levitt, a biophysics faculty member at Stanford University and a Nobel laureate.

Reading the analysis brought to mind the scene in the movie Castaway, where Tom Hanks has built an improvised raft on which he is seeking to get beyond the surrounding reef and its associated crashing waves on the island where he has been for so long marooned. According to Levitt’s analysis, getting through the next two months is key for our country. The waves associated with the reef that we are seeking to get beyond are still cresting and will be punishing over the coming weeks. If we continue to practice effective social distancing and personal hygiene, however, we will eventually break through to smoother water.  

Fiat resilience, safe practices, and smoother water!

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