Fiat Continued Safety and Well-being

Our University is continuing to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak around the world, across the United States, and locally. We have been following the latest guidance surrounding the virus, mindful of our responsibility above all to promote the health and well-being of all those in our University community.

Our senior management team met this morning and we have decided that Alfred University will resume in-person classes for our main campus on Monday, March 23, with students returning to campus Sunday, March 22. We believe this is the best course of action to promote the safety of the Alfred University community. Our decisions are guided by information and recommendations provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and state and local health departments.

We realize that this action may create some hardships. For example, prior to Spring Break, we offered students for whom returning home would be difficult the option to stay in our on-campus student housing. We are extending that offer through March 22, upon application to the Residence Life office.

We are also allowing students to return to campus prior to March 22, if it is absolutely necessary for them to do so. Returning students, whether on March 22 or before, are requested to self-certify that they do not have any coronavirus symptoms and have not traveled to high-risk areas–either domestic or international–during the break. Please submit the form by 3:30 p.m. Friday, March13th.

For students who have traveled to high-risk areas during Spring Break, we ask that you self-quarantine at home for at least 14 days before returning to campus. Our faculty will work with you virtually so you do not fall behind with your coursework. For those students who visited high-risk areas but not have the option to return home, please contact Del Rey Honeycutt for additional options.

At the same time, we recognize that some students are concerned about returning to campus due to health reasons. We will provide such students the opportunity to remain at home. Our faculty will work with them online and for as long as necessary with regards to their coursework.

Faculty, staff and graduate assistants are expected to be present on campus next week. While in-person classes will not resume until March 23, students should be aware that our faculty will be in touch regarding coursework assignments to be completed next week on an online basis.

For faculty and staff who have traveled to high-risk areas during the break we ask that you self-quarantine for at least 14 days. Sick and /or personal paid time off may be available to cover the quarantine period; please contact the HR office for further information. Faculty and staff are encouraged to use telemedicine whenever possible to avoid visits to doctor’s offices, emergency rooms, and urgent care facilities. It is our hope that COVID-19 testing procedures will have been made available to area health care professionals by the time classes resume on March 23.

University-sponsored domestic and international travel is prohibited through May 1 for Alfred University faculty, staff, and students. With regard to Alfred University-hosted co-curricular events—such as on-campus dinners, lectures, conferences, and speeches—those events are canceled until April 1. Any exceptions to the foregoing travel prohibition and event cancelation must be requested, based on essential importance to our University, and approved by our Cabinet.

Furthermore, we strongly recommend that students, faculty, and staff restrict personal travel during this time. If you do travel, we require that you register your travel, whether personal or for business, using our online form. At this time, the period for which we are requesting this information is March 1-22.

Any and all decisions we make relative to the COVID-19 outbreak are being made with the safety and wellbeing of our faculty, staff, and students in mind and with guidance from federal, state, and local health officials monitoring the COVID-19. Our senior management team will continue to meet regularly over the coming days and weeks to assess whether additional measures are warranted. Whatever we decide, we will continue to communicate our decisions to you in this rapidly changing situation. Please visit our website regularly for updates and additional information about COVID-19.

Fiat Continued Safety and Well-being!