Fiat Summer Orientation

Why move to a summer orientation?

During the 2016-2017 academic year and thanks to the philanthropic support of Pam Lavin Bernstein ’71, we hired the American Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) to provide us insights on what we could do to improve student retention and success. Among other items, AACRAO recommended that we consider a summer orientation program so as to improve the experience of our incoming undergraduate students. That recommendation became one of the charges to be addressed by our Strategic Retention Council over the 2017-2018 school year.

The Strategic Retention Council saw a summer orientation as an opportunity to onboard new students in a more timely, intentional, and personalized manner. The Council recommended implementing the program for the new undergraduate students that will join us on our main campus this fall.

Our new Summer Orientation program is designed with three goals in mind. First, incoming students will make personal, non-electronic connections to our faculty, staff, and facilities as well as to each other on a more timely basis. The participants will not be separated by College or School, allowing them the opportunity to engage with peers from all disciplines, thereby broadening their knowledge base of our University community.

Second, the Summer Orientation allows students to take care of unfinished business and reduce the possibility of complications when they arrive for move-in day in August. Students activate their Alfred University email, register for classes, complete the Language Placement Exam and the Student Strengths Inventory (used for advising), fill out their housing and dining applications, sign Master Promissory Notes, and complete their entrance loan counseling. These are all pieces that are critical to successfully welcoming the new student members to our community.

Third, students have an opportunity to learn how our University will partner with them to ensure their academic, personal, and professional success by being introduced to key resources on campus. Our Wellness Center, AU Fresh, Student Services Center, Barnes and Noble, Center for Student Involvement, Herrick and Scholes Libraries, Residential Life, Instructional Technology Services, Center for Advising, and Center for Academic Success, all give brief presentations about how they promote student success.

The next Summer Orientation session is scheduled for this coming weekend. To find out more details about the upcoming Summer Orientation contact Nadine Shardlow ’86, ’18 MS (607-871-2895), our Director of Professional Advising and Opportunity Programs.

Please join me in thanking Nadine, AACRAO, the members of our Strategic Retention Council, and the other faculty and staff members as well as Pam Lavin Bernstein who have made possible this important improvement in the Alfred University experience for our incoming undergraduate students.

Fiat Summer Orientation!