Fiat New Lands and Richer Alfred University Educational Experiences

Our University’s alumni span the globe. Some were raised in the United States and have relocated, either temporarily or permanently, to other countries. An increasing number of others have chosen to come to the United States from another nation to pursue an Alfred University degree.

Brian Dalton, our vice president of Enrollment Management, predicts that within the next five years, we will be recruiting as many as 15 percent of our entering class internationally. There are some practical reasons for doing so, including the declining population of traditional-aged college students within our historic recruitment areas. As we explore new markets, we are looking both domestically and internationally.

But there are other reasons as well, and they center around what we want for our students, and that includes as rich and varied educational experience. The best way to prepare our students for careers that require them to understand different backgrounds and cultures is to let them interact daily—in residence halls and classrooms, on playing fields and in social settings—with people from other lands.

To that end, our Marketing and Communication department has made a significant improvement to our web site. Through Google Translator, our web site can now easily be translated into a wide variety of different languages.

Click on the box in the lower left-hand corner of the web site, and you’ll see the number of languages available to us through Google Translator.

Google Translator link on the Alfred University website

Through the change, Nurila Kambar ’19, one of our two most recent winners of a Marlin Miller Outstanding Senior Award, will be able to more easily attract students from her native country of Kazakhstan to follow in her successful educational footsteps at Alfred University. Nurila is off to pursue a doctorate in materials science from the University of Illinois this fall and had a variety of admissions offers from other prestigious graduate programs to choose from such as Duke, Brown, the University of Washington, and Boston University.

Personally, I look forward to recruiting new students from my parents’ native land of Slovenia!

Alfred University webpage translated into Slovenian

Fiat new lands and richer Alfred University educational experiences!