Fiat Good Examples

Daryl Murray ’78 has spent a lifetime giving back to Alfred University and setting an example for other alumni so it’s really no surprise that he will continue to do so well into the future with his bequest.

A member of the Alumni Council since 1992 and a long-time treasurer of that advisory group, Daryl travels to Alfred University regularly for meetings. He has been a long-time supporter of the Alfred Fund and is one of the 488 founding members of the Saxon Circle.

Now, Daryl has committed to something even greater: making Alfred University the beneficiary of the bulk of his estate.

This is a wonderful commitment on Daryl’s part and one we deeply appreciate. Daryl sets a wonderful example for other alumni, demonstrating a lifelong commitment to helping Alfred University in many different ways.

Part of his gift will be used to establish the Toy L. Poole-Murray Scholarship in honor of his mother. Daryl told us, “She made it possible from me to attend Alfred University.” His parents were divorced so “She was a single parent, head of household. Everything fell on her.”

Once the scholarship is created, Daryl’s second priority is helping the Herrick and Scholes Libraries. He admits he “has a thing for libraries.” His first job was at the New York City Public Library and he has relied on Alfred University’s libraries a great deal over the years. He knows how expensive library materials are today and wants to help.

Anything beyond the allocations for the scholarship and the libraries, Daryl says, he’s leaving to the Alfred University Board of Trustees to designate its use.

Attending Alfred University was “a wonderful experience,” Daryl says, calling it one of the best decisions he ever made. He laughs when he recalls his grandmother, who lived with him and his mother, declaring that he “wouldn’t last five minutes” in Alfred. “But I wanted to be there,” Daryl recalls, and that made the difference.

Daryl decided years ago to leave his estate to Alfred University. “When I first made the decision, it was really a small amount,” he says, but as it has grown – he estimates its value at $500,000 now—he has been unwavering in his decision to make the University the beneficiary. “I called Amy Jacobson, Alfred University’s director of gift planning, and told her what I wanted to do.”

Daryl is very comfortable with his decision, and hopes that he can be a role model for other alumni and current students of color.

We hope so, too.

Fiat Good Examples!