Making the World a Better Place

Don McPherson ’84 MS, ’88 PHD and his EnChroma glasses that correct for colorblindness continue to make the world a better place. The glasses were featured recently on NBC Nightly News and CBS News.

We had the opportunity to witness the power of Don’s invention on our campus on two different occasions over the past several weeks. First, courtesy of one of our trustees Cheryl Blanchard ’86, CEO and President of Keratin Biosciences, we had a busload of students visit us last month from Canterbury High School, the top private high school in Fort Wayne, Indiana. One of the students is colorblind. After spontaneously donning a pair of EnChroma glasses as part of his visit to our University he was able to see the full palette of colors for the first time in his life. The student was visibly moved.

EnChroma glasses had the same beneficial impact on Alisha Horne ’22, a first-year student in our School of Art and Design. By happy coincidence, I wore the right type of shirt when Alisha, who is colorblind, came by my office a few weeks ago to test out the glasses.

President Zupan gifts student Alisha Horne ’22 wih Enchroma Glasses

Current AU student Alisha Horne ’22 looks at President Zupan's shirt with her new Enchroma glasses

Alisha now enjoys seeing and painting with the full range of colors thanks to Don McPherson’s invention.


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