Explore the non-traditional in our Expanded Media program. The Division of Expanded Media was created to support and embrace an experience and understanding of art and art-making that transcends the divisions that have traditionally existed among the disciplines of printmaking, design, digital interactive arts, video arts, and sonic arts.

Dynamics of Art & Society

The syntax that once separated film, video, sound, digital imaging, interactive, integrative design, and printmaking have converged into a wonderfully complex set of possibilities, one comparable in significance and impact on art and society to the invention of the printing press and the advent of photography. This is due in part to the development of new technologies that allow for this cross-pollination. Explore them in this curriculum.

Several Distinct Areas of Focus

In the Division of Expanded Media, we recognize the way that technological developments are especially significant to the specific art forms we explore. Each area within the division strives to offer you the experience, knowledge, skills, and understanding of the tradition of each discipline combined with the creative vision necessary to expand the potential inherent to each medium.

Print Media

Integrative Design


Sonic Art

Interactive Art

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